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I'm lost and out of fashion
Out of season too
I was busy waiting for autumn
And by spring I was still wearing blue
Now i sit here in the corner
Examine nuances I used to ignore
On a Ship thats only commissioned to sail
During into darkness of Great War

with time the river smooths all the rough and frees
Away the jagged edge of tragedy
alone we traverse fields of the unknown
in this unsound world
With unsung heroes
And heroes that no longer sing

Despite the sun that lights the way
I know the snow hastily approaches and
these lively plains won't last

The damage from the quakes of great pain
Aging reflections unseen
This mirror shows the container of a soul
afraid to grow into their dreams

One great storm leads to seasons
Of great peace and natures green
Still how can anyone live life like this
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December 8, 2012
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